Cyrus Habib could be the next Lieutenant Governor for Washington State

State Senate, Cyrus Habib won the crowded primary election for Washington State Lieutenant Governor in August. Should he be successful in the general election to take place this November, Habib could be the first ever Iranian-American to be elected Lieutenant Governor, the highest officer of state after the Governor. Habib was one among eleven other candidates who could replace Brad Owen who is the current Lieutenant Governor and is set to retire this year.


The top two candidates, Habib and Republican Marty McClendon, who were neck and neck in the primary election, will move on to November’s election. Habib had a narrow lead over McClendon but is considered to be the front-runner in general election, considering Washington State’s Democratic leanings.

In the state Senate, Habib acts as the Vice Chairman of the Technology and Economic Development Committee, as well as on the Business and Financial Services and Transportation committees. He was the primary sponsor of the Washington State Jobs Act, which was passed as a law that enables start-up companies in Washington State to engage in equity crowdfunding.

In 2014, Washington Post named Habib as one of the “40 Under 40 Political Rising Stars” and Governing Magazine referred to him as one of “12 State Legislators to Watch.” Habib also served on the 2016 Democratic National Convention Platform Committee.

He grew up in Bellevue, Washington; Habib lost his eyesight when he was only eight years old to rare childhood cancer. He didn’t let his disability hinder him and attended Columbia University, Oxford University, and Yale Law School, and served as the editor of the law review.

Habib is the first Iranian-American to serve in a state legislature and is currently the highest-ranking Iranian-American in elected office.