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Iranian-American musician records music album on iPhone

CaptureNima Samimi is an Iranian-American who was born to an Iranian father and a French-Canadian mother. As a child, he experienced a mix of cultures from both his parents, as well as that of the U.S. where he grew up. He lived with his mother who had more influence in his life, but one thing that Samimi remembers about being around his father is the Sony Walkman which he had, from which music was often played.

Samimi grew up hearing Persian music which his father often listened to, mostly the Persian pop which one would hear in Los Angeles. He also enjoyed the Persian lullabies which his father would sing to him, as well as the Persian poetry which he would recite to him.

The combination of Persian and Western music to which Samimi was exposed has led to the music which he writes and plays today. He already began playing the guitar and writing music at fourteen years of age and is still doing so now that he is in his thirties.

He said that it took a considerable amount of time for him to get to know who he really was and to find his voice. He even found himself asking the question, “What kind of music does an Iranian-American make?”
In 2011 Samimi went on the road as a musician for the first time and he and a friend of his thought that the name “Muhammad Seven,” would go down well on the stage.”

CaptureHis latest music album is entitled “Bedouin Cowboy” which he produced by simply using an iPhone. After his tour, he had a lot of music which he wanted to put together on an album, but after his marriage and birth if his son, Samimi said it was something he would never get around to doing.

Samimi then decided that if he was going to be a parent, student, and father, he needed an easier and quicker method of recording his music and did so on his iPhone. He played his tracks back and thought they sounded pretty good, so he made an entire album on his iPhone.

Samimi recorded his album over seven months and accomplished what he has always wanted to do, but in his own unique way.