Iranian researchers produce the world’s first smart suitcase: The Olive Intelligent Robotic Suitcase

A team of Iranian researchers at Tehran’s Pardis Technology Park (PTP), have presented an intelligent robotic suitcase with the use of tracking algorithms. Known as the Olive Intelligent Robotic Suitcase, it suitcase can even follow its owner offering him/her a ride should they need it. The researchers collaborated with engineers at Idea Kavan San’at Pardis Company (IKAP) to produce the product.


Olive Intelligent Robotic Suitcase offers the owner a ride

One of the engineers, Hamid Anbari stated that the olive suitcase could be regarded as an “intelligent technology” with both physical and digital capabilities. Physically, it provides a steady motion for the suitcase to ride on two wheels, much like a self-balanced electric bicycle. Its digital capability is based on 3D Vision which enables the suitcase to see its owner and identify him/her in the crowd, based on the skeletal structure and mood of the owner. A mobile application is also used to allow the suitcase to track its owner.

The Olive suitcase is equipped with NFC technology, and this eliminates the use of a key to unlock it. The application is also used to identify the location of the suitcase in the cargo area or any area of airport and street.

Anbari has also added another feature which could solve overload problems at airports. The baggage allowance can be adhered to as the application shows the luggage weight on the mobile phone. The owner can then remove any items if he/she is required to do so.

The company has been working on industrial robots and have also designed robots for oil, gas, water, and wastewater industries which are currently being utilized effectively. The creation of the Olive suitcase has now seen the company produce service robots. They have been hard at work on these service robots since autumn of 2015, and have finally come up with a robot which can facilitate life for a human being.


Olive Intelligent Robotic Suitcase stays connected to you via your mobile device

Anbari sees the robot as a prototype for international patent registration and is hopeful that it will be presented at China International Technology Fair. The research team is in the process of producing the final sample to draw investors’ attention. They aim to attend international markets through the development of this technology.

The inspection robots which are used in the fields of oil, gas, water, and wastewater, target a limited market and researchers are attempting to localize the Olive robot to make it usable for public.

Anbari announced that although foreign universities have offered the opportunity to continue the work in Europe, the researchers prefer that the robot be produced in Iran and later exported to European countries.

The research team consisting of Hamid Anbari, Mohsen Bani Jamali, Mojtaba Karimi and Edwin Babayans designed the world’s first smart suitcase which won the first prize of the Service Robotics category of STARTUP WORLD Award, at the AUTOMATICA 2016 trade fair held in Munich.