Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario (IWOO) dedicated to their community

CaptureThe Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario (IWOO) is a registered, not-for-profit organization established in Toronto, Canada in 1989. They are a group of women who are dedicated to improving the lives of Iranian women and families. Their mandate is to assist their fellow-Iranians as they adapt and integrate into the Canadian society

CaptureIn 2009, the organization created a new vision and elected a Board of Directors who would commit to serving the needs of the Iranian-Canadian communities. The board is re-elected biannually. The Iranian community in Canada is rather diverse, having many people who have settled there to flee the political upheaval and other uncertainties in the homeland.

The Board, along with their IWOO volunteers and staff, has made an impact on the Iranian-Canadians through their various efforts and dedication to the community. They now offer regular and consistent programs and services. IWOO has an outstanding service model and have worked in collaboration with major service organizations and partnered with many of them.

The main services and programs offered by IWOO are as follows: Educational workshops, helping Iranian women to gain employment, counseling and referral services, the celebration of national and international days, and fundraising programs.

As part of their weekly schedule of events, IWOO commits to over one hundred educational workshops and presentations to their community annually. They host numerous cultural and heritage-based events and also take part in indoor and outdoor festivities of different kinds.

IWOO is committed to providing assistance to Iranian women and their families as well as individuals of the wider Iranian community to overcome barriers. They strive to aid fellow Iranians to become economically independent and make a productive contribution to every aspect of their life in Canada.

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