Maz Jobrani: Jimmy Vestvood


Maz Joubrani

Maz Jobrani, an Iranian-born comedian, based in Los Angeles brings some much needed “comic relief” to the way in which Middle-Easterners are depicted by Westerners. We are not all serious-looking, violent people who don’t know how to have any fun.

He is right when he says that when they show us on TV, it’s hardly ever when we are laughing. If we are laughing, it’s an evil laugh! But make no mistake we know how to enjoy life to the full and have fun, and most of all we love to dance.

Jobrani started off in Hollywood and auditioned for several roles, but after they continuously wanted to cast him as a terrorist, he grew inspired to become a great a comedian and do away with the stereotypes which people have towards Middle- Easterners.

In one of his stand-up comedies, he joked about how Middle Easterners always have to clap so much about things. In his commentary, he said“You can put us in any violent situation, and we all can start clapping,” which will put an end to the violence. He even spoke of the fighting between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq by saying, “No problem! Send some people to clap and it will all be over. I have to dance! I will kill you later!” he ended off his joke by saying, that once we call your name, you have just got to dance whether you like it or not!

The guy is hilarious and jokes about all sorts of things regarding Iranian society, including dancing, hospitality, language and culture, and even what it is like to travel as an Iranian. His Iranian accent and imitations are perfect, and he even goes on to mention how Iranians won’t admit that they’re Iranian when something goes wrong and do exactly the opposite when good things come to pass.

Jobrani plays the lead role in the movie “Jimmy Vestvood” which is the story of a lovable guy, an Iranian immigrant who wins the lottery. He then moves to Los Angeles seeking fame and fortune to become an “American hero.” The trailer shows how misunderstandings between Americans and Iranians come about so easily. When Jobrani’s character wins the lottery, the people in the streets celebrate and an American flag is accidentally set on fire. It is shot on video which goes viral. One can only imagine what happens next.

His character is faced with the everyday struggles which Iranians in America experience and shows how they would handle these difficult situations, with laughter and a smile on his face.

Jobrani hopes that this movie will speak to all Americans. He also mentioned how he would like to see American teenage boys of different ethnicities “laughing, quoting his character, and enjoying” the movie.