Parya Trillium Foundation offers informative programs to newcomers in Canada

Immigrants who have come to Canada and made it their home have also helped to make it a culturally diverse nation, and a more prosperous and progressive one too. Parya Trillium Foundation, a community-based organization, embrace their Canadian heritage, while at the same time offering informative programs to newcomers to learn more about Canada to enable them to become active citizens.

captureTheir services for newcomers are designed and delivered depending on the needs of Farsi-speaking immigrants and other ethnicities. They aim to assist individuals and families in overcoming challenges and integrate smoothly into the community in Canada.

Operating as a community center, they host numerous social events, recreational programs, networking, and workshops. These events provide an opportunity for Farsi-speaking and other newcomers to meet new friends, make social and professional connections and also to learn about employment, health, education. In doing so, they can learn how to deal with issues and concerns newcomers encounter when settling in Canada.

captureAt Parya, they ensure every member of the community feels like they belong to a large and welcoming support network so that they can quickly feel at home and succeed in Canada. Their services are offered both in English and Farsi.

Parya can assist newcomers to access free government and community services, which include the following:

-Information and Referral Services about community resources, employment, education, language assessment, health care, child care, the needs of the youth and seniors in the community, housing, finance, and banking.
-Newcomer workshops and seminars.
-Assistance with setting up appointments with government and community agencies.
-Unofficial translation and help in reading government letters and documents in English.

These services are available and free of charge to newcomers who are permanent residents, refugees or live-in caregivers.

Newcomers, especially those in the Greater Toronto region may stand at a disadvantage, with no family and friends to support them. They need someone who can refer them to the services offered by government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other centers for newcomers. Parya is a “social safety net” for newcomers, offering them services which are crucial to making their transition into a Canadian lifestyle as pleasant as possible.

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