Persian fashion designer Amy Sarabi talks fashion career

Six seasons ago, we were blessed with our first fix of “Iranians on TV”, thanks to Shirin Askari launching Project Runway.

However, now a new Persian woman has hit our screens, the up and coming fashion designer goes by the name of Amy Sarabi.

Sarabi explains how her parents arrived in the United States back in 1979. Her parents attended graduate school in Texas while she spent a lot of her younger days growing up in Plano, Texas. She is the older sister of Shiva and has a big brother Shahin.

The 26-year-old discovered her passion for fashion at an early stage. She recalls purchasing garments and creating something new out of them for many years.

Below we share the exclusive interview with the very talented Amy Sarabi done by Persianesque Magazine:

Which audience are you designs suited to?

Well, I would love to Lady Gaga in one of my outfits. I think she is a perfect example of an educated lady who is modern and articulate but most importantly understands innovation in fashion.

Is there a particular time of day when you feel most creative?

In all honesty, I never get much done around lunchtime. I’d say I get most of my creative spells first thing in the morning or late at night when I am trying to sleep!

Do you have a particular order of doing things?

I always sketch first before anything. I love the freedom that a pencil and a pad give me.

What or who inspired you to have a go at Project Runway?

The production company for the show sent me an email inviting me to audition. However, before I received the email I had thoughts that being a television personality would be damaging for my career. But when I read the email, it was too good of an opportunity not to give it a try! Thankfully, my experience on the show was well worth it.

What was it like in the workroom?

Fortunately, there were some hilarious and entertaining personalities like Anthony and Jonathon, who kept things light throughout the dark times! My time in the workroom was invaluable.

Which challenge did you enjoy tackling the most?

I loved the burlap challenge. I just loved being able to experiment with dye and other unconventional materials. It was my kind of thing.

If you could offer any advice to Persian designers, what would it be?

I’d say find the connection between your senses and your work. You should reflect your vision, so everything needs to aim at that. Familiarize yourself with the fabrics and see its movement. Stay committed to your vision and learn as much as you can from others and your experience. Reflect, revise and perfect!

Does your Persian background ever inspire your designs?

All of the time! As an Iranian, I am always drawn to our rich history related to patterns and motif. It might not always seem 100% clear in my work, but I always like to take something from my histories and cultures and try to modernize it to create new styles.

So, what’s next on your agenda?

For me to reach my full potential and to create everything that I envision, I need a financial partner. Aside from that, I plan to continue to refine and develop my senses to make sure that I can grow as an Iranian-American girl hoping to achieve her goal.