Roberto Cavalli designs make their way to Tehran

Ekran Alıntısı

Roberto Cavalli print design

The fashion industry in Iran is set for some luxury designer stores in years to come, as sanctions against Iran have been lifted, and foreign investors and businesses venture into the Iranian market.

The latest is the designer fashion house, Roberto Cavalli, which has opened a new fashion store in Tehran. Cavalli’s designs feature many high-end, luxurious designer pieces and are an international fashion brand.

Iran is still a young country, with a rising population which currently stands at 75 million, with many highly educated individuals with a promising future. In recent month, “scores of foreign business groups have come to Iran, but few are putting money down.”

Ekran Alıntısı

One of Cavalli’s gorgeous creations

The establishment of the Cavalli brand in Iran brings with it the opportunity for a “luxury-shopping revolution.” We are in a new era for Iran with many exciting prospects for the future. “The Iranian market is going through a new exciting period, and luxury brands such as Cavalli are looking at the country, and it’s 80 million potential customers with great attention.” Cavalli CEO Renato Semerari says “We think that Iran is set to become a very interesting market for luxury products, and we are happy to be among the first to open a monogram in Tehran. … For us, it is a great chance to export also to this country Cavalli’s high-quality fashion, recognized and appreciated all over the world.”

The Cavalli 2016 Spring Collection consists of streetwear and 80s nightclub gear, with high-waisted jeans and leggings using bold animal prints. A lot of puffy bows and frilled outfits feature in the collection, but it is not yet certain at this stage as to whether all these pieces will be displayed in the Tehran store.

The new two -storey boutique will be situated in the upmarket neighborhood, Zafaraniye and has been lavishly decorated with light-reflecting floors, a first for Iran, which has not had access to designs from any designer fashion houses as a result of many decades of sanctions.

Yes, there are plenty of retail outlets featuring Western outfits for purchase, but these goods on display have been brought into the country via third-party importers through Turkey and Gulf countries as the majority of the Western brands have had difficulties due to the international banking sanctions.

Nevertheless, Iranians have an eye for designer fashion and a keen sense of style, and the new Cavalli store is sure to delight aspiring shoppers in Tehran on the lookout for some exclusive pieces.