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Similarities between Iran and Texas – who would have thought?

Ekran Alıntısı

Texans are often portrayed as just cowboys on horses

If  you’ve ever been to Texas or even lived there, you should at some stage have realized the similarities between Texas and Iran. Texas is the last place that one would have thought we could compare to Iran, but we’ve found that they are strangely alike.

1. From cowboys and horses to terrorists and camels.

The first things which come to mind when we think about Texas are cowboys and horses, right? True, but there is so much more to Texas. It is pretty much the same for Iranians who are seen as terrorists riding on camels. But we know that it’s not like that all.

2. Big Egos

This is a trait which both Iranians and Texans share. Both love to speak about their people, history and way of life. Sometimes you’d think that these two groups of people are the only people on the planet with all the tall tales that go around.

3. Politics with a negative impact on the world

“Both Iran and Texas are global players when it comes to politics, and often not in a good way.” Iran is seen as a regional power, featuring in the headlines in other parts of the world. The same applies to Texas politics, where the politicians have a major effect on US politics and gain worldwide stage as well.

4. Oil

Both these cultures are in oil-rich regions and along with that comes money, power, and prestige which can sometimes lead to complications. Oil plays an important role in the economies within both of these areas.

5. Tarof and Southern hospitality

You should be familiar with Persian tarof, the customary ways which can also be compared to Texan hospitality. Of course, Persians do it a little different in that they are just a bit more extreme, but Texans are also well-known for their hosptality, and you’ll see plenty of smiles, along with nods when they say ‘hello,’ and they’ll often ask you how you are doing.

6. Poets and troubadours

Both cultures are proud of the poets who have come out of Texas and Iran. Some of the world’s most beautiful poetry was written by Persian poets like Rumi, Hafez, and Saadi. Among Texan poets, those well-known to us, include Willie Nelson and Townes Van Zandt.

Ekran Alıntısı

Dashte Lut Desert in Iran

7. The ‘desert’ stereotype

Texas and Iran are often thought of as just being part of a big desert! However, beautiful natural landscapes occur across both of these regions which often surprise many travelers.

8. Vast landscape

Not only are the views beautiful, but they are so varied and change entirely across each of these regions, where one can go from snowy mountains to fields of wildflowers to deserts. You can experience all four seasons at the same time of the year if you travel from one side to the other, and both regions also happen to be at similar latitudes.

9. Distinct map shapes

Although Texas is less than half the size of Iran, they still think that ‘Everything is bigger in Texas.’ If you look carefully, you will notice that their shapes are fairly similar.

10. Religious zealots vying for political power

Both of these cultures have had religious leaders who have vied for political power over their area.

Ekran Alıntısı

Persians always enjoy a good kabob

11. Kabobs and barbecue

The favorite foods are similar too, as Persia’s is kabob- grilled meat, and that of Texas is barbecue- smoked meat. Roadside stalls selling kabobs or barbecue meat are also popular in both Texas and Iran. These foods do differ slightly, though, while kabobs are grilled over the fire and served with rice and tomatoes, barbecue is smoked all night and eaten with potatoes and beans.

12. Iranians and Texans ‘luurve’ tea

Iranians and Texans love sweet tea, although Texans prefer iced tea, Persians like it piping hot. But tea is part of both our cultures and frequently enjoyed throughout the day.

13. Football!
Both are huge football fans, whether it be American football or soccer.