Young Iranian designers create ‘fashion masterpieces’ from scratch

Since as long as one can remember, vibrant colors and exquisite, intricate patterns are what our traditional Iranian dress is all about.

Even since the ancient times, this was one characteristic of Iranian dress which has carried through. The traditional dress among rural and tribal Iranian women is still very vibrant, but among the urbanites, it seems to have fizzled down to more monotone colors.

Why such a drastic change? Well, the Islamic Revolution had a major impact on women’s dress code. During the first decade, in particular, more somber shades of gray and black were worn, as women were banished from donning brightly colored garments.

captureThe monotone fashion sense did not seem to last with our younger generation, though. The older, more conservative Iranian women still wear dull colors, but color has made its way back onto the Iranian fashion scene again. Young Iranians who naturally seek fun and excitement are also searching for a vibrant wardrobe.

The latest fashion designers to emerge in Iran have done away with long, flowing black robes of the past for a more modern approach to fashion. Yes, of course, the garments still cover the entire body, but they have combined both a touch of traditional Iranian styles with modern ones, using a selection of imported fabrics.

captureThe move towards more stylish and colorful attire caught the attention a group of youthful, enthusiastic designers interested in creating a new range by integrating original, traditional patterns and colors of handmade tribal cloth. They noticed that such fabrics were not available on the market, and so produced their very own hand-woven textiles.

They took on the laborious task to design the fabrics and then weave them by hand. The designers would then design a garment using the cloth, the finished product being something of a masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind creation!